Silver premiums remain high on strong physical demand

The COMEX silver price may still be below the $20 mark, yet the premiums remain high (and rising), as strong buying on the physical level has continued.

Throughout the past few months, there’s been a divergence between the spot price dictated in the paper market, where funds have been heavy sellers in response to the Federal Reserve’s aggressive interest rate hiking program, and what’s been taking place in the physical market.

Yet as Ian Everard of Ark Silver Investments and Jim Forsythe of SilverBack Precious Metals report, they’ve seen steady buying from their customers, and challenges in being able to find products. Which has resulted in a lack of availability of certain products, and steadily rising premiums.

And while they are able to still get 1,000 ounce bars (which Jim has now been taking delivery of and slicing into his own silver products), they mention how there has been a reduction in the availability amidst overall tighter conditions in the physical market.

So to find out the latest about what’s taking place in the physical level of the silver market, click to watch this video now!