Silver One Resources: A Spinoff of Keith Neumeyer’s First Mining Finance

If you don’t think the US government has a plan to ever address its finances, and you’re concerned about the debt loads and money printing, then you’re likely interested in silver. And of course if you’re interested in silver, then picking some good silver mining stocks is the logical next step.

Which is why I was fortunate to catch up with Greg Howe of Silver One Resources. Who talked about his Candelaria and Cherokee Projects, as well as the company’s financing and balance sheet status. And to top it off, Greg also discussed the growing list of applications for silver, that just adds to the reasons why the price of silver is set to rise.

So if you’re looking for silver exposure in your portfolio, click to watch the interview to discover if Silver One is a fit for you!


-Chris Marcus

February 5, 2020


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