Silver miner roundtable: what it takes to start and run a silver company

In terms of the thing that one can choose to do in their life, starting and running a silver company isn’t among the easiest options.

The underlying silver price experiences volatility that at times can be downright brutal. Shareholders can often be harsh and unforgiving throughout the ups and downs of those cycles. And of course, if the company does not interact positively with the local community, that can be one of the quickest ways for a project to run into significant problems.

So in today’s video, I sat down with the CEOs of 4 silver miners and explorers and talked with them about the challenges they have to overcome in order to be able to run a successful company. They talk about the progression of what led them to start a company, some of the challenges they’ve had to overcome, and also the process of becoming a team leader who is responsible for up to thousands of other people.

So to better understand what’s required to successfully run a silver company in today’s challenging environment, click to watch this video now!