Silver Market Update – July 2019 – with James Anderson

The silver price has slowly been rallying.

As supply continues to fall, while there are rumors of a “big whale” in the market possibly acquiring a large amount of silver.

So I was fortunate to have silver expert James Anderson of SD Bullion join me on the show to explain what’s going on. And what to watch out for.

During our interview James shared his thoughts on the current market, how to know when to sell your silver, what’s going to happen to the price if supply continues to fall, and Warren Buffett’s large silver position in the late 1990’s.

For anyone trading the precious metals markets, it’s a great interview with a lot of valuable market information. So click below to watch it now!


-To get access to James’ research

-To read about Warren Buffet’s silver position

-To see James’ video on when to sell silver



Chris Marcus

July 17, 2019



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