‘Silver Is Going Up, A Lot’ vs ‘Silver Is Dead’

Silver may well be one of the most divisive assets in the market today, with many feeling that silver as an investment is dead, while others remain convinced that it’s one of the most undervalued assets out there.

So which side is correct?

In today’s show, Nate Fisher of Renaissancemen.org gives a thorough examination of the case for silver, and whether it’s still likely to increase substantially in value, or if the silver bulls are just wrong.

He looks at the history of silver, the role it’s played in the past, why many still view it as money, and what the likely path is going forward. He also looks at the arguments made by the silver bears, whether they’re likely to hold going forward, and if silver is no longer a valid hedge against rampant money printing and financial market instability.

So for a great analysis of the pros and cons of silver as an investment, click to watch this video now!