Silver Industrial Use To Double Rate Of Growth Over Next Decade Per Study By Oxford Economics

While the #silverprice may be stuck in the $22-26 range it has traded in throughout most of 2023, that does not mean everything is still lining up in terms of supply and demand.

Because while the market experienced a 237 million ounce deficit in 2022, and is on pace for another deficit in 2023, a new report from Oxford Economics suggests the rate of growth for industrial, silverware, and jewelry demand for silver is set to double over the next 10 years (compared to the last 10 years).

Of course, this leaves aside the potential for a surge in investment demand, which we saw earlier this year when the banking sector entered a crisis and the massive amount of treasury supply that’s scheduled to come online in the coming years.

So in today’s show, we look at that report, the latest inflation numbers, and the extreme market reaction that took place in the markets yesterday. As well as the latest news and rounds of investor concerns about the dynamics in the US treasury market.

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