Silver in 'COMEX Registered' Up To 36.8 Million Ounces

As we are now only 1 trading day away from the end of 2022, we take a look at the latest figures in the COMEX-registered silver category and also review the other themes that dominated the silver market in 2022.

The amount of silver in the COMEX registered category continued what’s now almost a 2-year decline in inventory, which began in February of 2021 during the #SilverSqueeze, and has continued ever since. Of additional significance is that the LBMA vault holdings have experienced a similar trend, as countries like India and Turkey have set record silver import figures.

Which perhaps comes as little surprise, as we’ve seen a lot of countries turn to gold amidst the economic and currency chaos of the past year, and despite the larger-than-normal gold-to-silver ratio, the interest in silver continues to grow as well.

In the end, after a vicious selloff earlier in the year, silver is likely to finish 2022 in positive territory, which would have seemed far-fetched as recently as October, when the price was back near the lows of the year at $18.

So to recap the major themes in the silver market in 2022, click to watch this video now!