Silver headed for biggest deficit in decades

On Friday the Silver Institute released a report noting that the silver market is headed for the biggest deficit in decades, forecasting a deficit of 194 million ounces in 2020.

Perhaps it sounds somewhat counterintuitive to hear in a year where we’ve seen the price decline as a result of paper contract selling on the COMEX. But that doesn’t change the underlying fundamentals, which continue to suggest that at the current silver price, we’re headed towards a gap in supply and demand.

So in today’s show, I discuss the latest news with Shawn Khunkhun of Dolly Varden Silver, and what he sees in the years to come for the silver market. Where in addition to seeing conditions that make it less viable for the primary silver miners to keep up with demand in the coming years, there are also concerns facing the supply that comes to the market as a bi-product for the non-primary miners.

Of course, this is aside from the economic and monetary issues that suggest a much different pricing environment for silver going forward, but nonetheless provides evidence of why the current price is almost necessarily going to have to move higher.

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