Silver Company CEO Says Silver Upside Higher Than Gold

Silver Company CEO Says Silver Upside Higher Than Gold

What Will Ultimately Drive The Silver Price Higher: David Stein Of Kuya Silver Join me as we discuss the virtues of silver with David Stein, CEO of Kuya Silver.

David is a trained geologist with multiple university degrees, whose focus of post-graduate studies were on prominent silver projects. David’s wealth of knowledge uniquely positions him as a silver market expert.

To that end, David recently completed a 40-year study of the gold to silver ratio and came away with an astounding observation. Silver trades along with gold 80% of the time.

Despite having higher volatility than gold, silver comes back to gold the majority of the time. Essentially, silver is still money, and in a gold bull market such as the one we are experiencing, should continue to rise until silver reaches historical alignment with the gold to silver ratio of 15-1.

In addition to that stunning study, David provides an update on his silver mine in Peru. While Peru has experienced some political uncertainty, the government’s dedication to the mining sector and its job creation benefits has not wavered.

In fact, Kuya’s mine project, Bethania, is poised to produce a PEA and expand its drilling program in 2021 all at the same time. The news flow from the mine should increase investor interest at precisely the time in which silver is resuming its next leg of the bull market in 2021, right along with gold.

Perhaps the best endorsement of Kuya is Eric Sprott’s 5% stake in the company, in addition to management’s 29% position, both signaling a serious commitment to the success of the project. Learn more about Kuya’s silver mines HERE.

Kuya trades on the CSE (KUYA), on the US OTC market (KUYAF), and on the Frankfurt market (6MR1).

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Silver Company CEO Says Silver Upside Higher Than Gold