Withhold Silver from the COMEX


This petition is aimed at raising awareness of the silver price manipulation being levied by major financial institutions. By signing this petition you are telling the “Banksters” that you are paying attention to their fraudulent activities and you will no longer tolerate it.  Let your voice be heard and send a message to the elites that we are onto them and this activity WILL come to an end!

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  • Goal: Set (physical) silver to its true, market valued price.
  • The Problem: The banks manipulate the price of silver via paper silver being traded. The COMEX makes delivery of physical silver damn near impossible which allows the price to be suppressed by the banks.   Clearly, there is not enough physical silver to back the paper being traded.  As a result of this suppression, we do not know the TRUE, market value price of silver.                                                                   
  • How to expose the suppression of the silver price: If enough silver miners band together and commit to withholding a certain percentage of silver production to the COMEX, this exposes the COMEX to serious scrutiny regarding the amount of physical silver they actually have to back the paper silver being traded. This ultimately would lead to the exposure of the fraud committed by the COMEX in relation to the amount of derivatives out there. If this were to occur and an audit of the COMEX’s physical silver were to be done this would show that there is way more paper than there is physical to back it up. Thus, the actual price of silver would significantly rise in order to match its true price. 
  • What is the incentive for silver miners to withhold silver from the COMEX: The incentive for silver miners is twofold.  First off, by withholding physical silver while the price is being suppressed they are not selling it at an artificially low cost. Secondly, bypassing the COMEX allows silver miners to expose the bank’s suppression of the price of silver thus allowing the true price of silver to finally occur.
  • How to make this happen: If silver miners begin withholding large quantities of silver and contracting directly with end users they still benefit by selling directly and forcing the world to scrutinize the COMEX. Arcadia Economics could build out a shipping exchange site similar to “uship”; https://www.uship.com
  • Arcadia Economics “NOMEX Exchange”: Silver Miners can contract with shipping companies via bidding process on this exchange in order to streamline the shipping process of physical silver to end users throughout the world. 
  • Community Support to Further Expose COMEX: In addition to silver miners withholding silver production, retail investors can band together to purchase & then take possession of 5000 ounces of silver.  Thus, removing even more physical silver from the COMEX’s possession. This action FURTHER exposes the COMEX as a fraud and allows silver prices to rise to their true market value. 
  • Media Awareness Exposure: On behalf of silver investors everywhere, this group would produce high quality commercials to be shown on YouTube and throughout social media in order to raise awareness of this campaign.  
  • Build An Online Presence: Using various social media outlets, silver community members can gather and create forums or in-person meet ups in order to help “bust the COMEX”!