Sean from SGT: They're crashing the financial system NOW

When you consider the recent economic events out of Washington DC, between the response to C0VID, the sanctions on Russia, and the Fed´s interest rate hikes, it´s not hard to see that the stock market is running into trouble.

Yet to those who are familiar with the history, this hammer to the economic concept isn’t entirely unprecedented. As the banking houses have a history of preparing themselves for the collapse before it implodes, and profiting on the move.

Is that what we´re seeing now?

Sean from The SGT Report, whose news site gives him access to an incredible amount of news that most don´t get to see, checks in to share what he´s watching, what might be planned, and what you´ll want to be prepared for.

So to find out whether we´re watching a planned implosion, click to watch the interview now!