Roundtable: the money supply is about to begin contracting (Rafi Farber, Dave Kranzler, Rob Kientz)

While the Fed started talking about interest rate hikes all the way back in last September, and finally started raising rates earlier this year, now we’re finally at the point where the money supply growth rate is on the verge of beginning to contract.

Which is a bit of a problem for the financial markets. Because without the source of new money, a lot of asset valuations are in danger of coming down even further.

We’ve seen this result in some chaotic selloffs in many asset classes over the past few months, and should the money growth rate indeed go negative, we stand to be in line for several more.

Fortunately, to find out what’s happening, and what the resulting effects will be, we have a roundtable with Rafi Farber, Dave Kranzler, and Rob Kientz to discuss this development with the money supply.

So to find out more, click to watch the video now!