Rob Kientz: Silver sees increased deliveries in China

While there’s been a lot of attention placed on the declining inventories of silver in the LBMA and COMEX stockpiles, in today’s call Rob Kientz of GoldSilverPros talks about some of the developments in China. Where there’s also been an increased amount of silver deliveries, as the global demand for silver continues to remain strong.

Rob looks at the latest Chinese data and talks about some of the projections for silver that are required for the government’s plans for the green movement, and whether it’s really realistic for those to be met. There sure appears to be a mismatch between what the governments want to do, and the availability of the resources that would be needed to achieve those goals. Which leaves the question of where the silver and other metals are actually going to come from.

Rob also talks about some recent comments from the LBMA about the way the silver pricing system works, and how the LBMA has essentially acknowledged that the process is flawed, and far from a true price discovery mechanism. Which is a big part of what’s left the silver market with a supply and demand imbalance that’s created such an interesting profile going forward.

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