Rob Kientz: Silver price volatile following FOMC & labor report

It’s been a volatile few days in the gold and silver markets following the Fed’s latest meeting and also the recent labor report.

The precious metals spiked higher on the release of the Fed’s decision last Wednesday, only to plunge lower, before rebounding and having big moves up on Thursday and Friday.

Which Rob Kientz of Gold Silver Pros attributes to the uncertainty in the market, with so much fragility in response to the Fed’s rate hikes. As well as the growing divergence between the paper and physical precious metals markets.

Rob talks about the latest Fed meeting and mentions how even though the current Fed is left to deal with the problem, it’s a problem that started many administrations ago. And how with the traditional markets like stocks, bonds, and real estate all now rolling over, as a result, people aren’t sure how to respond and where to go.

He explains how gold and silver investors are increasingly moving into physical metal, and letting go of being anchored to the paper metals markets, which aren’t matching the activity in the underlying commodities. And why he expects this to continue.

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