Rick Rule: Silver Demand Increasing As Negative Yielding Debt Continues To Grow

With increasing attention being drawn to the gold market, as central banks around the globe are cutting rates and getting ready for QE, the silver market has started to heat up as well.

And with many wondering whether this is another false start, or finally the beginning of the bigger bull market that’s become inevitable, I was fortunate to have mining and resource stock expert Rick Rule of Sprott Global join me on the show.

He talked about the falling silver supply and the complex factors that go into that. How silver starts its big moves later than gold, but often ends up moving more in the long run. And why investors are flocking to the metals as the amount of global negative-yielding debt continues to grow rapidly.

If you’re invested in the gold and silver sector then you’ll love this interview. And if you’re not already looking at the metals, then that’s even more reason to listen to the great insight that Rick shared.

So click the link to watch now!


Chris Marcus

August 29, 2019


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