Repudiation of Dollar Accelerates – with London Paul

With trade wars raging and escalating by the day, what is the fallout going to be in the financial markets?

The consequences of the actions in recent years and decades by Western governments and banks are finally arriving. And major shifts in the financial system, especially what we know of as Wall Street and the U.S. government, are on the way.

Fortunately London Paul of the Sirius Report (simply one of the best financial and geopolitical podcasts currently available) was kind enough to join me and reveal the stunning reactions to the trade wars that are occurring beneath the surface of the markets.

As well as the implications this will have for the gold, silver, stock, and bond markets.

And really our entire financial system.

It’s a timely interview given what’s happening in the world. And to make sure you have the information you need before it’s too late to prepare accordingly, click to listen to the interview now!


To hear part 1 of the interview click here.


Chris Marcus


June 18, 2019


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