Rafi Farber: Yen Collapse Suggests We are At the Tipping Point of Keynesian Failure

If there’s one myth that Keynesianism has ingrained successfully into the sound money gold and silver community, it’s that higher rates are the solution to higher consumer prices. We are about to see that myth blasted into subatomic pieces so small it will conclusively demonstrate the existence of quarks.

The yen is collapsing as we speak, and the mainstream is blaming it on the fact that the Bank of Japan refuses to hike rates. However, if the BoJ does raise rates, the yen will collapse even faster, a tight correlation we’ve seen since 2015.

Once the Keynesian world at large understands that higher rates are now synonymous with what they call “inflation”, they’ll be completely out of options. It may only take one more panicked hike by the BoJ to finally slay the “higher rates equals lower inflation” dragon, at which point the deep, dark realization of what the Central Banks have done to their currencies may finally take its gold and silver shape.

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