Rafi Farber: We Now Have A Timeline on the End Game for the Dollar

We all know it’s going to happen, but when? Daniel Oliver of Myrmikan Capital throws his hat in the ring and has the gall to answer that question.

Nearly every financial crisis since the early 19th century has taken about 3 years to ripen from the moment that interest rates started to rise. Whether by the central bank or by decentralized market forces, it makes no difference.

The Fed started to raise rates in March 2022, 17 months ago. This means we have – at most – a little less than two years to go before the End Game. And when it happens, the Fed will print. One last time.

The dollar will fall as the world’s premier #gold substitute, AKA “reserve currency”. And after 150 years in hibernation, #silver will return to take its rightful place.

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