Rafi Farber: This Is Not A Silver Rally, That is Yet to Come

With gold at new highs and silver finally starting to catch up, it sure looks like we’ve been in an impressive rally for the precious metals. But looks can be deceiving. What this actually is, is a commodities rally across the board, and a signal that price inflation is picking up again as the world descends into war.

This explains why gold and silver mining stocks haven’t performed all that well even as the metals move significantly higher. It’s because all other commodities are as well, and this keeps profit margins suppressed for the miners.

But that will soon change, as an inflationary crisis transmogrifies into a monetary crisis once the Fed initiates its final, and most glorious, pivot back down to zero. Plus, Rafi shows that by one key metric, silver is actually higher now than it was in 1980.

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