Rafi Farber: This Fed Rate Hike May Be the Last of This Monetary System

Want to hear something hilariously ridiculously ludicrous? Get this. The Chair(man) of the Fed(eral Reserve) actually said that Silicon Valley Bank was an irresponsible “outlier” because – get this – it bought too many US Treasuries! This, coming from the head of an institution that owns $5,328,000,000,000 of US Treasuries.

The bank failures have begun. Back in 2008, Bear Stearns collapsed in March. Lehman Bros. followed in September. that’s a 6-month buffer. On that template, we have about 6 months to get our affairs in order. Could Rafi Farber be wrong? Sure. Anyone can be wrong. But in case he’s right, prepare calmly. Prepare rationally. Prepare wisely with gold and silver.

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