Rafi Farber: Spare Dollars Are About to Run Out, And the Fed Does Not Care

The Federal Reserve is very confused about what might happen when all the extra money from the last printing spree finally runs out. There are now some $600B left. Some, like New York Fed head John Williams and Fed Governor Chris Waller say nothing much will happen so chill out.

However, Dallas Fed head Lorie Logan thinks it could cause some serious problems. The fact is, almost $2 trillion have poured in to the money supply from the ON RRP facility since 2023, and despite this mighty vigorous flow, the money supply has nevertheless shrunk.

Logically, that means when the source of the inflow dries up, the tectonic deflationary forces now ravishing the money supply from high interest will no longer be masked.

Then, of course, the Fed is going to have to print like hell. And gold and silver are going to explode like never before.

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