Rafi Farber: Silver Explodes Higher as Fed Positions For End of Quantitative Tightening

The final pivot and money printing spree may not have officially begun yet, but like a figure skater about to launch into a triple lutz, the spur is now planted in the ice and the knee is bent for launch.

The Federal Reserve is about to launch again, and Jay Powell has said as much. He just doesn’t know how high he’ll have to go, and he has no idea he’s not going to stick the landing. He and his central bank are going to fall flat on their faces, and their liability unit, the dollar, with them.

Gold and silver are sniffing this out, as gold has launched back towards its all-time highs, and silver is leading the way, doubling gold’s gains since Wednesday.

We’re on the road to the final printing round. And boy is it going to be “fun,” depending on how you want to define “fun.”

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