Rafi Farber Low Silver Prices Forcing Drain from Comex and LBMA

Low silver prices sure don’t feel good, but they’re hitting the Comex and the LBMA in London much harder than they’re hitting the stackers.

As of this week, 100 MILLION ounces of silver have been drained from the Comex registry, and silver stockpiles are at a new record low at LBMA in London since statistics began.

Meanwhile, the August physical #gold drain rivals the all-time record July drain and could overtake it for a new record by the end of the month.

Someone, something, is buying all this silver and gold. It doesn’t feel like it yet, but the reinforcements have already arrived. The longer silver stays depressed, the faster these stocks must drain, as the hourglass on the dollar creeps lower and lower.

Hang in there silverbacks. Take a breath. Lung capacity is key.

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