Rafi Farber: JPMorgan Puts Up Over 7MOZ of Silver for Sale in 2 Days

Something is rotten in the State of New York. Specifically, in the silver vault of JPMorgan. The megabank has put up over 7 million ounces of silver for sale in the past two days alone, moving them from eligible storage to registered. Since the commitment of traders (COT) reports have been unavailable as of January 23rd due to a computer glitch (or something), we cannot possibly know for sure, but it is possible they are massively short silver and have to cover for delivery.

In the meantime, the money supply in the US banking system has deflated by over $1 trillion since April. The next financial crisis is close at hand, and when it hits, the ensuing round of money printing will have to be bigger than all the previous rounds combined.

Speaking of combined, when our powers combine, we are Captain Silver.

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