Rafi Farber: Is This the Dollar Rally That Triggers the Final Liquidity Crisis?

In this week’s silver report, Rafi Farber goes into why you need not worry about gold or silver confiscation.

Thanks to the hundreds of millions of ounces held in ETFs that can be stolen in a fraction of a second, the decentralized physical metal held in vaults or safes or under mattresses is likely to be overlooked. Plus, he looks into why silver is still money from a graphical perspective.

Finally, the dollar index just broke through the 50-week moving average for the first time since 2021, which usually signals a long-term rally.

This time though, there are no spare dollars to use, and so a dollar crunch could lead to the emergency sale of assets across the board so companies can continue servicing their debts. After that, the Fed will have to make its (final?) move.

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