Rafi Farber: Is Elon Musk Becoming a Silver Stacker?

Remember that guy that bought Twitter for $44 billion dollars? Musk or something? Well, had he bought silver for $44 billion instead, the Twitter problem would have taken care of itself. The good news is, it looks like maybe Elon Musk is interested in silver and may buy his own mine.

So suggests Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame, who is close with the world’s richest man. Beyond Kiyosaki though, now we have some more evidence that Musk could be turning into a silverback, because Musk is now following our friends at #WallStreetSilver.

Meanwhile, paper silver funds have been draining for 10 straight months, the longest losing streak for paper silver funds in at least 20 years, and this as the spot price appears to have already bottomed 3 months ago. This means the paper traders are still fast asleep, not noticing the rally at all.

And why doesn’t hyperinflation seem to correlate with the quantity of money in the banking system? Hear the answer in this week’s silver report. Click to watch the video now!