Rafi Farber: How Gold Reacts During War & Inflation

Rafi Farber Reporting from Israel, Where Two US Aircraft Carriers Converge

When all else fails, take them to war. Well, it looks like all else is failing. So they’re taking us to war again. Considering the national debt has increased by over half a trillion dollars in the last three weeks, it sure seems like the Leviathan has something up its sleeve. This is the fastest level of debt and spending ever recorded, and this as interest rates continue to rocket high on the back of a CPI report yesterday that came in hot.

But why, with two US aircraft carriers converging on Israel and the prospects of a global war closer than ever, why are gold and silver still not responding? Either for the first time in world history, they are not money, or the shorts on the futures markets are completely stuck and cannot cover. Perhaps because they are running out of dollars to do so. In other words, they’re stuck.

Who wouldn’t cover a gold short position on a Franz Ferdinand moment like this? Only someone who couldn’t.

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