Rafi Farber: CPI Since 1978 Points to Silver Top at $231 and Counting

With silver nearing $29 and starting to pull ahead of gold finally, a break of the 5-year-old triple top at $30 looks imminent. Back in the 1970s, the final test of the triple top at $6.50 occurred in the last week of October 1978, and the breakthrough occurred in the last week of January 1979. That’s a three-month buffer between the final test and the breakthrough.

Silver last tested $30 on April 12, which puts our target of the final breakthrough somewhere around July, though nothing in chartistry is exact, and the break could still happen earlier. What’s another month or two between silver stackers?

Meanwhile, the Japanese Yen is falling not just against the dollar but against every Asian currency as well, triggering fears of competitive devaluations during a time of increasing consumer prices. That should go over well in the fiat world. We’re looking forward to it.

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