Rafi Farber: 2024 Will Be The Year of the Silver Swan

In this week’s silver report, Rafi Farber goes into the deep logic of why the End Game means a return to silver specifically as the preeminent money, as opposed to gold, and why 2024 could easily be the year this actually happens. Not through politics, but through the market itself.

The current inflationary system began its march not in 1971, not in 1933, and not even in 1913 with the founding of the Federal Reserve System. It began 150 years ago, back in 1873, when the dollar became an exclusively gold currency, and all the purchasing power of silver was transferred into gold, enriching the rich at the expense of the middle class and the poor. 2024 could be the year that this all turns around in dramatic fashion, and to be part of it, you’ll need to own some silver.

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