Be Prepared For A Stunning 2018 In The Financial Markets

If you thought 2017 was a wild year in the financial markets, just wait until you see what 2018 has in store.

Based on everything I’m seeing, I expect continued implementation of the crypto system, along with rising prices. There’s even good reason to believe that we may finally see some action in the gold and silver markets this year as well.


More and more it appears as if we are finally witnessing the beginning of the end of the dollar. The news of repudiation of dollar-based debt assets continues by the day. And especially given the somewhat manic pricing of the cryptos, I wonder more and more if a hyperinflation of the dollar has not already begun.

Certainly the price action in crypto space in recent months is similar to what’s been described during other hyper-inflations. I expect this type of price movement to eventually transfer over to precious metals soon as well, as gold and silver-backed cryptos are introduced while further pressure is placed on the dying banking system.

Also be on watch for further arrests in the political system, with an impact being felt in the markets. Especially with the cryptos. These events are not unrelated.

The dollar has been used to mask a stunning amount of corruption, abuse of power by the political system, and theft via banking. I believe a lot of information about that will be released this year, and people will continue to turn away from the establishment system. That’s why so many are flocking into crypto space, where block chain technology offers a ledger of accountability.

Rather than the government losing $21 trillion into mysterious black holes, or a whole system being propped up by endless amounts of printed and digital money, crypto space is offering an honest alternative with transparency.

So as we move forward in 2018, be prepared to be stunned. Many of the events that have been forecast for decades are now manifesting, and I believe 2018 will be a year where those who have transferred wealth out of the fiat system will be rewarded for their efforts.

-Chris Marcus

January 11, 2017

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