Precious Metals and Cryptos – Enemies or Friends? – with Luis Doray of Legacy Research Group

A few years ago when the crypto market was rallying, at times it felt as if people had forgotten about gold and silver. Now with the precious metals on the move, gold and silver have captured the market’s attention. Will that detract from the crypto space? Or is there room for both?

Many see the metals and cryptos as two competing asset classes. But as I discussed with Luis Doray of the Legacy Research Group, they share a lot of similarities. And may actually be friends rather than enemies.

Luis talked about the marriage of the 2 asset classes, why many investors are now starting to purchase both, and also what the adoption is telling us about the future of the cryptocurrency market.

So with central banks around the globe getting ready to start printing even more money than before, if you want to understand whether there’s room for both cryptos and metals, click to watch the interview now!


Chris Marcus

September 16, 2019


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