Is The Petrodollar Being Replaced With The PetroYuan?!

What a wild week in the financial markets!

The Saudi Arabian kingdom is being shaken up, more missing money comes to light, and the Clintons continue to find themselves getting caught up in some wildly stunning scandals.

Pressure has been building on the dollar for decades. So on one hand the trend is hardly new. Yet seeing the events finally unfold is simply stunning.

So if there’s ever been a time to think about diversifying assets out of the dollar, it sure seems like this would be it. Which is what this week’s version of Arcadia’s Weekly Market Wrap Up covers in more detail.

There’s a reason that money is flowing out of the dollar and into crypto space. So if you want to stay ahead of what’s going on in the markets click play now and make sure to hit the subscribe button!


-Chris Marcus

November 13, 2017

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