Peter Grandich: Gold Has Rebounded, Yet Miners Still Languish

Both gold and silver sold off sharply in October following Jerome Powell’s commentary at the Fed’s September policy meeting, but have rebounded in the past few weeks amidst geopolitical and treasury supply concerns.

Yet despite significantly higher precious metals prices today than a year ago, the mining sector has continued to struggle through what has become one of the most severe miner bear markets in most of our lifetimes.

So in today’s conversation with investor and analyst Peter Grandich, Peter talks about the reasons why the gold price in particular continues to push up against the $2,000 per ounce level. And also explains why despite the pricing in the mining sector, he believes there’s still significant value in the space, and when he thinks we will finally see a turnaround.

Peter talks about the fundamentals facing the mining sector, especially in a ‘green’ environment that calls for significantly larger amounts of a variety metal, and how he expects that dynamic to affect the miners, and especially the juniors, in the months and years ahead.

So to find out more about how the miners are trading in relation to the current gold and silver prices, and what to expect going forward, click to watch this video now!