Palladium Price Soars: Recessionary Canary In The Coal Mine?

While most of Wall Street is focused on the latest stock and bond bubbles the Federal Reserve has inflated, less attention has been on the precious metals. With even less attention than that on the palladium and rhodium markets, where prices continue to soar.

So I was fortunate to be joined by Rob Kientz of to explain why these metals are spiking. Whether that’s a recessionary “canary in the coal mine”, how interchangeable palladium and platinum actually are, and what the price move could imply for the gold, silver, and platinum markets.

It’s the type of market event that could have great significance, which means that Wall Street will never tell you about it. So to find out what one of our smartest analysts is seeing, click to watch the interview now!


Chris Marcus

February 3, 2020


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