Now Even CNBC Is Talking About Silver!

While the mainstream financial media talks a lot about the latest news in the stock and bond world, there’s usually little, if any coverage of the precious metals. Which made it somewhat eye-opening to see CNBC talking about the dynamics in silver, where there was a record supply deficit last year.

So in today’s show, I talk with Dan Dickson of #EndeavourSilver about the recent article, and how any mainstream participation in silver would affect the market. We also talk about the gap in the silver supply, whether the investors he talks to are aware of it yet and how the market will progress with more deficits expected in the years going forward.

Especially with the Federal Reserve coming to the end of its rate hiking cycle, 2023 is set up to be a promising year for silver. And Endeavour is progressing towards becoming one of the bigger primary silver producers. Dan talks about the company’s decision in 2022 to withhold silver from the market, their recent production and guidance numbers, and also the progress at their new projects they’re moving towards production.

So to find out more about the latest silver news, and the progress with Endeavour Silver, click to watch this video now!