Michael Oliver: Silver is my prime place to be over the next 2 years

While the Federal Reserve continues to tell financial market participants that it has the current market situation under control, it’s becoming harder for many to believe by the day.

The British government bond market is in the midst of a crisis that has left their pension system on the brink of disaster, and the pressure on the Fed is continuing to grow. And analyst Michael Oliver is seeing signals that we are getting closer to a reversal to the upside in the #preciousmetals, and in particular silver.

So in today’s show Michael lays out the background economic picture, before talking about some of the technical signals he’s seeing that leads him to feel that the metals are close to moving, with silver likely outperforming.

It’s a critical time in the financial markets, where many of the major currencies are experiencing more stress than most have seen in their lifetimes. So to find out more about what Michael Oliver is seeing from a technical standpoint, click to watch the interview now!