MAG Silver (MAG): Analyst Review By Rob Kientz of Gold Silver Pros

If you believe the price of silver is going to rise, and you want to capture leverage on the move with silver mining stocks, MAG Silver (MAG) is one of the key ones to be aware of.

Because in addition to having one of the larger high-grade silver deposits, MAG is also in the pre-production sweet spot. Which is often where a large percentage of the gains occur before the company goes into production and larger investors move in.

So I was fortunate to have Rob Kientz of Gold Silver Pros join me on the show to share his research on MAG. Where he talked about their projects, their relationship with Fresnillo, and the key highlights of MAG’s investor profile.

So to discover whether MAG is a good fit for you, click to watch the interview now!


Chris Marcus

February 11, 2020



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