Looking At Silver From An International Perspective

By this point, you’ve likely heard plenty about how the pricing of gold and silver react to the latest developments out of the Federal Reserve, as well as the day-to-day movement in the pricing of the US dollar index.

But using gold and silver as a means of protecting wealth isn’t just limited to the US, in many countries, gold is at an all-time high right now, while silver is near the higher end of its range over the past few years. So in today’s show, we talk with Sam Lawrie of Adams Bullion in Australia to get an international perspective on the silver market.

In Australia, silver is currently near its highs of the past decade, which comes at an opportune time given that Australia has also been dealing with the inflationary increase in consumer prices that just about every country on the globe is experiencing. Sam shares how Australians are looking at the silver market, how they’re viewing the Fed’s management of the financial markets, and some of the relationships between the different currencies.

So to get more of an international perspective on some of the developments in the gold and silver space, click to watch this video now!