London Paul: What Is China Planning With All Of Its Gold

China has been accumulating a large amount of gold over the past decade, and according to many experts, far more gold than they publicly acknowledge.

But one of the key questions that remain is what they’re planning to do with it, and how they plan to use it.

So in today’s call with London Paul of The Sirius Report, he talks about the large metal inflows that have gone from west to east, and what he thinks China’s end goal is.

China and other nations have made clear their frustrations with the current dollar-based financial system, as they continue to de-dollarize and build a system that doesn’t rely on the west. And Paul mentions that in 2016, China even considered a proposal to go to a gold-backed currency.

It’s a trend that has been mostly ignored by decision-makers and financial media in the west. Yet a trend that nonetheless is of great significance, and has the potential to reshape the financial landscape in the years going forward.

So to find out more about what China may be planning with its accumulation of gold, click to watch the video now!