London Paul: Silver Keeps Leaving the Western Vaults

As the world has been further divided in the past year as a result of the Russia/Ukraine conflict, there’s been a move towards physical assets by countries in the east. And one of the results has been that the silver stockpiles in the COMEX and LBMA vaults have dwindled.

Geopolitical analyst London Paul joined me on the show to discuss the trend, and how he feels the current pricing structure will remain intact. Until there’s a final drain in gold and silver, which will lead to a repricing of the system.

Paul talks about the pressures that are building on the currency system, and what the break-point will look like. He also explains why the divide between the global power centers is set to increase, and how there is not likely to be a painless resolution to the current geopolitical situation.

Paul has been ahead of the curve in terms of forecasting some of the bigger political and financial trends that have developed in the past decade, and to find out what he expects next, click to watch this video now!