Lior Gantz On How To Construct A Debt-Bubble Proof Portfolio


With the debt loads and printed money burdens growing larger than ever, it’s not the easiest of times for investors to know what to do.

Which is why I was fortunate to have Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group join me on the show to explain how to construct a debt-bubble proof portfolio.

Lior shared his great body of knowledge on what investments can withstand the resolution to the Federal Reserve’s decade of easy money policies. How he diversifies his portfolio across a select range of asset classes. And also how anyone can get started, no matter what your current financial status.

Lior is really one of the sharper minds in the financial industry today. So for anyone invested in the markets or getting ready to begin, click to watch now!



To get access to Lior’s special reports with Wealth Research Group click here.


-Chris Marcus

January 11, 2019


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