Libertopia Offers Hope and Solutions To The Current Fiscal Crisis

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely already well familiar that the fiscal condition of the United States Treasury and dollar are far from ideal. Yet for those who are somewhat tired of hearing about the problems and long for the solutions, last week’s Libertopia Festival offered a ray of sunshine amidst the dark clouds of Wall Street’s bubbles.

Yes, there are bubbles in the stock, bond, and real estate markets. And yes, based on my experience and research I believe they’re approaching the end of their life cycle. Yet that does not mean that life cannot carry on. Or that life cannot carry on in an even more positive and encouraging fashion.

Which is what made it such a blessing to be able to attend Libertopia this year. Where speakers who I’ve admired and respected for years like Jeffrey Tucker and Jeff Berwick spoke about liberty, freedom, and how there are people who are already building a better way of life to gravitate towards as the current financial system continues to dissolve.

While the crypto sector in particular gained a lot of attention last year due to its often manic pricing action, what many are still not aware of is how this represents a technological revolution that is building a more honest and transparent system. So to learn more about the cryptos, the entrepreneurial energy behind the movement, and to see how these new companies are providing solutions to combat the corruption of the current system was truly inspirational.

But perhaps even better than that was just meeting other people who are seeing the same things that I’ve been seeing and writing about, and feeling like we are not alone.

Certainly there’s a lot of great content on the internet, much of which has made an incredible difference in my life.

Yet in my opinion, nothing can replace the face-to-face interaction of being around and meeting others who truly believe in liberty and freedom, in the same manner that most of the people in this world do. Which is what Libertopia offered to those who were there to attend.

I was fortunate enough to capture some video footage and interviews with several of the speakers, which I will be editing and posting in the coming days/week. Although also worth mentioning is that most of the sessions at the festival were recorded, and you may find it well worth your while to visit the Libertopia homepage and watch any particular talks that seem interesting to you.

I can understand and appreciate that it’s not always easy to sit back and watch the news that unfolds on a daily basis. And in my opinion, much of it is indeed specifically designed to leave you feeling demoralized and as if there is no other choice.

But if you’re ready to move past the problems and start focusing on the solutions and the others who are out there fighting for good in the world, just know that it does exist. And that there is a place where you can find others who share the same values and ideals that you do.


-Chris Marcus

May 11, 2018


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