Lawrence Lepard: Gold, Silver Rally on Lack of Faith in Fed

The Federal Reserve is getting ready for its latest policy statement on Wednesday, with another rate hike on the way, and only the size and commentary still in question.

And as the Fed has been hiking rates throughout the year, we’ve seen weakness in the stock, bond, and real estate markets, amidst a growing belief that we are either in a recession or headed towards one in 2023. Which has led to a late-year rally in gold and silver, as the market continues to suspect that when the economy weakens enough, the Fed will again resort to more quantitative easing money printing programs.

So today on the show, fund manager Lawrence Lepard talks about the economic situation that the Fed and the economy are facing, how he sees it playing out in the years to come, and whether this is eventually headed towards some sort of financial reset.

He also talks about what he feels will be the drivers that will eventually force a larger percentage of the investing world to look at gold and silver as a means of protecting themselves against the continued debasement of the currencies.

So to find out more about what to expect on this day when we’ll hear the latest announcement from the Fed, click to watch this video now!