Keith Neumeyer: Silver Supply and Demand Positions First Majestic For Great Success

While the past few years have not been the easiest of times for most of the silver miners, Keith Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic Silver has used this period as a chance to make his company even more efficient and competitive.

In this interview Keith provides a brief overview of the company, and also digs into how he’s used technology to reduce costs while the price of silver has been low. And given how the silver supply continues to shrink while demand continues to rise, Keith has done a great job in positioning First Majestic going forward.

If you’re a silver investor, First Majestic is one of the miners you really should know about. So to hear more about the company and what Keith has done, click to watch the video now!


To find out more, go to First Majestic Silver.

To review First Majestic’s corporate presentation, click here.

Interview by Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics


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