JP Morgan ‘criminal enterprise precious metals desk’ RICO trial update….

While silver sits at half of its 1980 high, in the midst of 8% inflation prints, an increasingly global war, and financial sanctions, keep in mind that several JP Morgan and LBMA executives are still awaiting trial and facing RICO charges.

These are the charges that the Justice Department brought forward after labeling JP Morgan’s precious metals trading desk a ‘criminal enterprise.’ Although if it feels like the same paper smashes that JP Morgan got fined $920 million for are still happening, and you’re wondering if this new trial is going to go anywhere, you may be stunned by the news in today’s video.

It’s actually become quite a fascinating case in its own right, especially for precious metals investors, given that the ultimate ending to this situation has still not been written.

So to find out the latest about the JP Morgan RICO charges, click to watch this video now!