Jon Little: How Central Bank Digital Currency will impact YOU

As the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates into the current recession, which is causing economic chaos around the globe, we continue to hear more about a Central Bank Digital Currency as the solution going forward.

Which is concerning to many, as it sounds like the latest method of gaining further control over the people and the economy. And as Jon Little of and The Morgan Report talks about in today’s show, there is a historical precedent of central banks creating economic turmoil and using it as a means to get the population to accept their new controlled ‘solution.’

Jon talks about what the government and #centralbanks are planning for their digital currency, how they’ve been implemented in other areas around the globe, and how people can best protect their freedoms from what may lie down the road. As well as the events that have occurred and led us to this point where CBDC’s are now being sold as a way to make finance easier, yet at the expense of our privacy and personal liberties.

So to better understand the coming era of central bank digital currencies, and how to avoid the pitfalls, click to watch this video now!