John Titus: How We Can See The Banking Crisis Isn’t Over

Back in January, John Titus warned that we were in the midst of a banking crisis. And sure enough, just over a month later, the crisis was underway.

So in today’s show, #DaveKranzler talks with John about how John was able to see that a #bankingcrisis was on the way, and how those same indicators are even further exacerbated now.

John explains the effects of the recent actions by the Federal Reserve in response to the failure of Silicon Valley Bank, as well as how he sees it as QE in disguise. He also talks about the actions of the Fed prior to the pandemic, and how he’s again seeing the same activity now.

John talks about why the current path is unsustainable and why the Fed will have to reverse course, which again will include more credit creation. So to better understand the current issues brewing in the financial sector, click to watch this video now!