Jim Willie: US Treasuries Are The New Sub-Prime Bond

While the Federal Reserve has yet to fully explain what the problem is that’s requiring more printed money than during the quantitative easing programs, Jim Willie, editor of The Hat Trick Letter on The Golden-Jackass.com, has been forecasting it years in advance.

He’s been explaining why foreign countries are walking away from the dollar, and why the system is finally breaking now. And fortunately he was kind enough to join me on the show and share how we got here, and some of the stunning details about what’s coming next.

He discussed why Russia sold its treasuries last year. Why they reallocated into gold. And why as a result the US has now begun directly monetizing its debt.

As well as if China really has as much dollar and treasury exposure as we’re led to believe, and why the world is repudiating treasuries and acquiring gold at the fastest rate since the dollar left the gold standard in 1971.

A lot of what Jim has been forecasting for years is finally manifesting now. And to be ahead of the curve, and the rest of the market, click to watch the interview now!



Chris Marcus

November 18, 2019


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