Jim Willie: Gold, Silver To Rise To Forefront As Treasuries Break Down

For years, Jim Willie has warned about an exodus out of the US bond market, and at the rate yields have soared over the past month, we may be seeing the beginning stages of such an event.

Yes, there are inflation concerns and nervousness around further potential Federal Reserve interest rate hikes. But the accelerating deficits and debt-loads, in addition to the new supply that’s scheduled to come online in the coming months and years, have entered us into a new era of awareness that Washington has hit a problem.

So in today’s show, Jim Willie talks more about the issues in the treasury market, how he sees gold and silver playing a bigger role going forward, and some potential issues he is anticipating regarding the COMEX.

He also digs into the dynamics in Japan, where the Yen-Dollar exchange rate is pushing up against the 150 level, and how that’s interconnected with the US dollar and treasury markets.

It’s another information-packed call with Jim, and to find out what he had to say, click to watch the video now!