Jim Willie: De-Dollarization Movement Is Pressuring COMEX

We’re now over a year into the Russia-Ukraine war, with sadly no end in sight, to what’s become a financial war in addition to being a kinetic one.

In that time we’ve seen a further polarization of the world, especially in the financial sense, and in today’s show, Jim Willie checks in to talk about the latest financial implications.

Jim talks about how and why countries are moving away from the dollar infrastructure, what he sees happening with the CBDCs, and his views on how he sees gold and silver becoming a bigger part of the future financial system.

He talks about the gold and silver flows that may be going on behind the scenes, and why he feels the COMEX is at risk of being the victim after the dust settles.

So to find out more about the latest macro trends and how Jim sees them playing out, click to watch this video now!